The Elementary Teacher's Federation of Ontario (ETFO) is the largest teachers' organization in Canada, outside of Quebec. ETFO represents 83,000 people, both teachers and educational workers in the public elementary schools of Ontario.  The ETFO Niagara Local represents approximately 1,600 teachers and 31,000 elementary students located at 140 sites across the Niagara peninsula. Our goals are to provide quick, professional and confidential services to members. We support personal and professional growth through a climate of mutual respect, fairness, equal opportunity, collegiality, clarity of process and democracy.


At the Niagara Local we are dedicated to promoting high standards of professional competence and ethics. As a unified, democratic organization of informed professionals we aim to anticipate and respond to the complex needs of our membership. We are advocates for the interests and education of children in our care. We believe this can be accomplished through pro-active dialogue and interaction with our educational partners in the community.

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